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The Valencia Boat Show exceeds a turnover of 4 million euros

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Photographer: Vicent Bosch

The eighth Valencia Boat Show drew to a close on November 6th and exceeded the turnover of previous editions. This year, the Valencia Boat show was revamped, taking place in the autumn and only selling new boats. The boat show includes the enormous benefit of being able to test out the boats that are for sale on the sea, due to the boat show taking place next to the city’s marina.

The event was open to professionals for five days and was free for the public for two days. As a result, the show had a turnout of 15,000 visitors in one week: 60% from Valencia, 35% from Spain and 5% from abroad. The show managed to attract its target audience, as this year the majority of visitors were ‘interested in buying boats and knowledgeable about sailing’.

A turnover of 4.3 million euros
The numbers speak for themselves. The organisation estimated that the 2016 Valencia Boat Show. had a total turnover of 4.3 million euros. Furthermore, during the event it was not only the 5-18 metre long boats that were sold. Accessories, clothes and additional boating services were also sold. Visitors made good professional contacts and the sales that developed at the show will flourish over the next few weeks.

The exhibitors pointed out that the success of the boat show indicated the recovery of a sector that has been severely affected by the recent economic crises. From 2002-2006, the rate of boat sales were unusually high. Due to the onset of the economic crises, the number of boats that were sold decreased and boat owners that were new to sailing,sold their boats quickly. This meant that there was an increase in the amount of semi new boats for sale. As a result, the sale of brand new boats came to a standstill. Today it is practically impossible to find a boat older than ten years, which has caused an improvement of the sale of new boats”, says Fernando Jiménez, the president of the Valencia Boat Show.

During the Valencia Boat Show, it became clear that the city is a great place to sail as a past time. For example, Clipper Marine (the official distributor of Bavaria Yachts in Spain and the UK) are going to open a new office in Valencia that will be used as its main sales office. The British distributer confirmed its commitment to Valencia as a key market of interest for boat sales, due to the large number of visitors that were interested in the event.

Economic benefits for Valencia
From October 31st to November 6th, over 250 exhibitors from the companies that participated in the event met in Valencia. The boat shows visitors would eat in out in the restaurants around the Marina Real Juan Carlos I and this resulted in an average daily expenditure of 16,250 euros.

The Valencia boat show also contributes to the nautical development Valencia. Both the Valencia Marina and the city of Valencia are now promoted as a significant sailing area for both national and international visitors. The Valencia Boat show has appeared across specialist media in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal. It has also featured on the international television programme Nautical Channel, which is broadcast to more than 69 channels worldwide.

In addition, part of the 210,000 euro budget that was provided by the Valencia Boat Show has also had been beneficial as the setting up, marketing and communications of the boat show have been Valencian companies.

78% satisfied
In a survey conducted with the exhibitors at the end of the show, 78% rated the new venue of the show as good or very good. The exhibitors rated the new location of the Valencia Boat Show an average of 8.1 out of 10. The Valencia Boat Show changed this year its venue to a bigger and convenient place for the fleet and exhibitors.

More space in 2017
On the last day of the boat show, the Consortia Valencia director Vicent Llorens stated that next year the Valencia Boat Show will be bigger. This will mean an increase in the amount of square miles that are in the Marina Real Juan Carlos 1, including the Tinglado 2 which will by then be renovated. “Boating is an economic activity, which generates jobs, creates and maintains companies, contributes to the positioning of the city and generates tourism demand and supply. I think the boat show is an essential piece in the Marina itself and in Valencia itself”, said Vincent Llórens on the last day of the show.

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Photographer: Vicent Bosch

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