Liebe Leser schliesst seine Tore. Nach 11 Jahren möchte ich andere Projekte verwirklichen, auf Reisen gehen und das Leben endlich in vollen Zügen geniessen. Es waren 11 wundervolle Jahre mit Ihnen. bleibt mindestens die nächsten Jahre als Bilderbuch noch bestehen. Doch jeder Abschied kann auch ein neuer Anfang sein. Nun ist es endgültig. Ich wünsche Ihnen eine weiterhin schöne Zeit. Ich danke Ihnen für die Lesertreue und Ihre ehrliche Begeisterung mit grosser Dankbarkeit. Danke, dass ich Sie 11 Jahre verwöhnen durfte.

Tschau und auf Wiedersehen.

Marcel Krebs

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Dear Users closes its gates. After 11 years I would like to realize other projects, go on journeys and finally enjoy life to the fullest. There were 11 wonderful years with you. will continue to exist as a picture book for at least the next few years. But every farewell can also be a new beginning. Now it is final. I wish you a good time. I would like to thank the readership and your honest enthusiasm with great gratitude. Thank you for spoiling you for 11 years.

Chess and goodbye.

Marcel Krebs

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Spindrift racing is expanding and restructuring

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Copyright:© Th.MartinezDescription: ©Th.Martinez/Sea&Co. VANNES - BRITANNY- FRANCE . 12 DEC 2014; "SPINDRIFT Racing" de gauche à droite Léo Lucet, Donna Bertarelli , Yann Guichard , et Stéphane Guilbaud.


Since 2011, the professional sailing team Spindrift racing has successfully participated in major international events, achieving excellent results. Each season the team has grown and will continue to set ambitious goals. These new challenges which gather both ocean records and tight inshore racing requires for the team to be strengthened.

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Copyright:© Th.MartinezDescription: ©Th.Martinez/Sea&Co. VANNES - BRITANNY- FRANCE . 12 DEC 2014; "SPINDRIFT Racing" skipper Yann Guichard (FRA) *** "SPINDRFIT Racing" skipper Yann Guichard (FRA)

Spindrift racing will therefore now operate as two units: one that is fully focused on sport performance, and one that is focused on company development.

General management of Spindrift racing will be the responsibility of Stéphane Guilbaud. The 52-year-old Belgian is a huge name in elite professional sailing, having worked with some of the very best sailors. For 18 years he supported the sailing career of Franck Cammas, contributing to his many successes and victories, from the Solitaire du Figaro to the most prestigious offshore races in France and around the world, including the Volvo Ocean Race, as well as ocean sailing records such as the Jules Verne Trophy.

Stéphane has managed teams of more than 100 people, and will focus entirely on performance at Spindrift racing, taking care of the technical and sport units. He will therefore assist Yann Guichard in the day-to-day running of the team. "We would like to welcome Stéphane and we are delighted that he has joined the team. He is the right man in the right place at the right time. Spindrift racing is a young outfit that has already achieved excellent results and has ambitious goals for the coming years. Stéphane's expertise will allow me to focus fully on sport performance. Dona and I have therefore restructured our business by splitting the two strategic divisions: sport performance and company development," explained Yann Guichard, President of Spindrift racing.

Executive Director Léo Lucet has been a stalwart of Spindrift racing since its inception in 2011. First as a sailor, then heading up the administrative side of the team, Léo has made an immense contribution to the team's success. He will now assist Dona Bertarelli and become more involved in company development. He will, among other things, be the team spokesman, and will be responsible for representing Spindrift racing and its partners and developing their brand image, as well as for organizing events. "We have major development goals for the team as part of the investments we have made," explained Dona Bertarelli. "This restructuring will provide us with the people and the strength to achieve our performance objectives and our institutional and commercial goals. Léo Lucet and Stéphane Guilbaud will work together under this mindset, accompanied by all members of the Spindrift racing team." The now 30-strong team is preparing for the 2015 season, in which it will compete in crew events such as the D35 Championship, the Tour de France à la Voile and the Jules Verne Trophy.

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Copyright:© Th.MartinezDescription:©Th.Martinez/Sea&Co. BELLE ILE - BRITANNY- FRANCE . Maxi "SPINDRIFT 2" skipper Yann Guichard (FRA) et son équipage en entrainement au large de Belle Ile.*** Maxi "SPINDRFIT 2" skipper Yann Guichard (FRA) and crew training offshore Belle ile ( Britttany-FRA).


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